KinderNest Preschool

Basic Info

School Hours:

Doors open at 8am . The school day is from 9am-noon, Monday-Friday..

How long is the school year?


Does my child have to be potty trained?      No

What ages are accepted?

Kindernest accepts children 18 months - 5 years

KinderNest is a half day preschool.  Each classroom is staffed by a teacher, who will work in specific assigned fields (academics, art, language, music, drama, etc.).  Students are grouped developmentally and rotate to these classes at specific times each day.  Included in the school day will be break times for healthy snacks and free play.  Inside and outside free play (weather permitting) are necessary parts of KinderNest’s curriculum.  Each week also includes show and tell, yoga, and creative movement, along with parent volunteer activities and other special visitors.

~Prepares children to be successful lifelong learners who constantly observe and enjoy the world around them.

~Offers a unique program that promotes all aspects of development

~Nurtures creativity and positive self image while developing an acceptance and enjoyment of diversity

~Provides a consistent and predictable environment that meets each child’s individual needs while making memories together

~Challenges children in a hands on, exciting, loving atmosphere

~Exposes children to art, music, drama, science, yoga, literature and creative movement

My School

* KinderNest is not affiliated with any religious organization.

* Holidays and some workdays will coincide with Guilford County Schools.

*Please refer to the Parent's Handbook for policies and procedures.

* Children 3 - 5 years rotate to each specialty teacher daily.

* Children younger than 2 1/2 are in a self-contained classroom.

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Our Staff

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